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Recent Articles

Foresight to Host a Virtual Investor Webinar “Commercialization in Automotive Technology”

Foresight Autonomous Holdings (Nasdaq: FRSX), an innovator in automotive vision systems, will host a virtual investor webinar titled “Moving to Commercialization in Automotive Technology,”...

The new start-up of Nano Dimension’s founder

Dagi Ben-Noon, the Co-Founder and CEO at Inspira Technologies (Nasdaq: IINN); Dagi Ben-Noon is the Co-Founder of Inspira Technologies. Dagi worked as a Director at...

Two Israeli stocks in the spotlight of latest Iranian DDoS cyberattack on Israeli government websites

Israeli government websites, part of the domain, suffered a cyber-attack Monday, likely originating in Iran. What is believed to have been a DDoS...

Inspira Technologies enjoys a lot of buzz lately; Here some facts that can explain the reason

In the last months, a small start-up company has concentrated a great interest around it on Nasdaq. Inspira technologies (NASDAQ:IINN) has created a lot...

Cyber stocks rally; ...

The fear of cyber-attacks as a result of the Russia-Ukraine conflict has created many opportunities in the market, especially among cyber stocks. After a few...

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