Two Israeli stocks in the spotlight of latest Iranian DDoS cyberattack on Israeli government websites


Israeli government websites, part of the domain, suffered a cyber-attack Monday, likely originating in Iran. What is believed to have been a DDoS attack began around 6:15pm local time, with an irregular increase in traffic being exhibited on the servers running the websites. The bandwidth of the attack is believed to have reached 15-20 gigabytes.

Two Israeli cybersecurity companies gained momentum over the past month over apparent cyberattack fear.

Cyren Ltd. (CYRN), provider of email security and threat intelligence solution, jumped yesterday more than 30% running from $2.2 at its lowest last month to more than $11 at its peak with 280% increase over the last month. Pre- market at $6.4.

Safe-T Group (SFET) global provider of cybersecurity and privacy solutions to consumers and enterprises, with 56% increase in the last months, breaking the 1$ mark last week. Safe-T estimated revenues for 2021 at $10 million, increase of over 100%.

Between Ukraine- Russia conflict and fear for cyberattacks from the Russian side and the latest Iranian attack on government websites, it seems that after a long numbness in cyber stocks, the get back to the center stage and might provide more shining moments.

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